21st Jan, 2017

Two guys and One girl – Vanilla with extra Nuts Sunday Snog @TalkSmut #menage


Today’s Sunday Snog is Scorching hot blast from the past. It contains two hot guys and many, many seriously sexy kisses. Not for the faint of heart!

She’s just a vanilla girl until she finds her perfect toppings…

Megan is slowly falling in love with Adam until he confesses he’s seeing a guy behind her back.…

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19th Jan, 2017

TREC: The BDSM Mantra – The Diary of V Bruce @TalkSmut #genofadom #Fetish

Let us begin with a reminder about some of the understandings in our fetish world dear kinksters.

Firstly consent is the bedrock of everything alongside trust and respect. If you don’t have any of these three qualities then straight away you will not have a willing play partner.…

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19th Jan, 2017

Sign up for Smut:Restrained Blog Hop 23rd-27th January @TalkSmut #erotica #bondage

Smut: Restrained Online

From 23rd -27th January join our online celebration of being tied up.  Sexy, hot, exciting bondage excerpts from an array of amazing erotica and romance authors and prizes galore to be won!


To join in you just need to pop an excerpt up on your blog/website which features some kind of restraint be it physical or mental, rope or chain, cuffs or tie.…

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14th Jan, 2017

It’s a Symphony of Lust- The Billionaire and the Wild Man Sunday Snog @evernightpub #eroticromance


How about a red hot sunday snog between a billionaire and a wild man today?


Carrie is recouperating in the countryside with her mother and hating every minute of it until she bumps into the wild, mad-haired Flynn. She befriends him but their innate sexual attraction keeps complicating their friendship!…

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12th Jan, 2017

A Masochist and Her Marks -Pleasure in Pain #kinky #bdsm #erotica



It’s not just the moment when I’m hit that I appreciate the agony, as the marks change and develop I get a new kind of thrill from following their patterns and whirls but it’s not just about the pretty, it’s about the different types of pain.…

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