1st Sep, 2007

ARE Needs Help…

If you’ve got a myspace page please help out, thanks :)

I’m asking for your help to get the word out that folks need to “re-friend” us on MySpace and I’m asking that you “friend” us if you have an account.

Most of you know that ARe has been using MySpace to communicate with readers about The eBookclub.…

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31st Aug, 2007

Friday & Freedom

It is so quiet round here. My daughter is at the In laws till Sunday and it’s just me and my husband rattling round the house.

I’ve gotten some writing done and some housework as well as more pleasureable activities, let’s call it research for my erotica, eh?…

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27th Aug, 2007

New Look site!

Hiya Blisse fans and welcome to the new look victoriablisse.co.uk.

The gorgeous and talented Mitnik has given me an overhaul (ooo errr) and I think I’m looking pretty fine.

Please use the new “contact me” feature to let me know what you think about the new look, especially if you find yourself having any problems.…

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27th Aug, 2007

Comment: For the Cure.

Here is a message from Alessia Brio, fab author, editor and cover artist:Alison Kent is having a blog comment drive — she’s buying copies of Coming Together: For the Cure based on the number of comments on her blog. Please go comment:


peace & passion,

~ Alessia (www.alessiabrio.com) I’ve commented because this is a really good cause -we’re all touched by cancer in one form or another.…
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27th Aug, 2007

Burning the midnight oil…

Well, the 2am oil in fact.

I am not an up all night kinda gal.I need a lovely 7-8 hours undisturbed kip to keep my ticking over, I can survive on anything over 4 but that’s it -I survive. I’m so glad that when Boo was a baby she was a great sleeper (she still is) and woul only wake up once in a night, have a bottle then go straight back to sleep.…

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