15th Apr, 2009

Senses: Taste the Cheesecake!

With the release of Scentsual I have spent alot of time talking about scents and smell, well now I think it’s time that the other senses got a mention and what better way to start than with the sense of taste.

Yesterday I promised you a recipe for Cheesecake and here it is!…

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10th Apr, 2009

Good Friday.

As you all know, I’m a Christian, so today, the most solemn in the Christian Calendar I’m going to do a little reminiscing. It’s a bit different to the usual Blisse Blog fair but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Way back when I was in college I used to go to a holy week retreat at a Catholic youth place called Dehon House.…

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8th Apr, 2009

I love my Crockpot.

I know this is just a little bit random but I do and I have spent the entire evening reading through this blog by the Crockpot Lady.

An entertaining read and I know have lots of things I want to make in my crockpot like baked potatoes, playdough and cheesecake.…

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7th Apr, 2009

My favourite scents.

With the release of Scentsual my mind has been straying towards the thought of pleasant smells.

There are those scents that immediately bring back memories of childhood. Like on opening the wrapper on a fruit salad or a black jack sweet or the acrid scent of mothballs (Nanna’s wardrobes) and wood polish as well as peach talc from Marks&Sparks, my Nanna’s staple for as long as I’ve known her.…

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6th Apr, 2009

Smell that?

It’s the sweet scent of a new Victoria Blisse release.

Scents, Sex and Sea, what else could a girl want?

Kelly escapes to the comforting scent filled haven of Scarborough to find respite from her busy career. She doesn’t expect to find romance but when she bumps into the young plumber Rob she cannot help but be attracted to his masculine scent and his gorgeous body.…

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