4th Dec, 2007

Christmas Spice: An Erotic Antholoy is Out Now!

Christmas Spice.

Cake, Santa, fairy lights, and trees blend with the erotic, the sexy and the sweet to create the tastiest Christmas treat you will have ever experienced. This anthology is heavily spiced with Christmas Spirit and finished off with lashings of sensual cream that will have you returning for seconds, thirds and fourths.…

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1st Nov, 2007

Nano Starting and more!

I’ve had such a busy week and it’s only going to get busier. NaNoWriMo starts today and I’m ready and raring to go. My plans have changed, I’m now going to work on a short story collection that will be filled with tales of bus related debauchery.…

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25th Oct, 2007

Sweating up a storm.

Yep, we’re at it again. way back in the summer Alison Kent started the 70 days of sweat phenomenon. I joined in because I love a good challenge and aimed for 70-90k within those 70 sweat filled days. I made 70k on several different projects. It really helped my writing and focused me in on being an author -it helped me write more and procrastinate less.…

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8th Oct, 2007

Autumn days fun and games

Okay, so picture this. I’m cleaning the kitchen and all the sides and cooker and such are sparkly so I go on to mop the floor, I grab my metal handled mop and the middle bit bends. it’s not supposed to bend. it looks like it’s been trapped in something and as I try to delicately use it, it breaks in half!…

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27th Sep, 2007

A new logo and other good news!

Hello dear readers, have you noticed the new and rather gorgeous logo next to this post? No, well here it is in all it’s glory.

Isn’t it beautiful? Let me know what it conjures up in your mind when you look at it, if I like it, you might get a special prize!…

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