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Are Women better Writers than Men? @Grammarly

Men vs Women Writers infographic

So, what’s all this then? Well Grammarly (they’re a grammar checker you know, they don’t just make all those cool memes that help you actually use grammar properly like what they does. *cough*) conducted a survey of 3000 women and men and asked the above question to see which gender has the best writers. About 54% of the particupants were men.

It’s an interesting conversation that crops up from time to time. I’m inclined to believe that great writers are great, doesn’t matter if they’re male of female and that’s regardles of genre too. Erotica is dominated by women writers but some of the very best erotica I’ve read, the erotica that resonates with me the most, has been written by men. Check out Joe Wordsworth on Literotica.com (Plagiarism is my personal fave there) and Dr Mabeuse for hot fiction and our very own Matt S for non-fiction writing to warm your, erm, cockles.

Of course, I know lots of brilliant female erotica writers. Lucy Felthouse, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Lexie Bay, Tabitha Rayne, Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae make up the Brit babes with me and every single one of them writes beautifully arousing erotica. Want to check them out? Pick up Sexy Just Walked into Town, our FREE Anthology then pre-order Sexy Just Got Rich for some dominant billionaires that leave Christian Grey in their wake.

So I think great writers are great no matter there gender -what do you think?


24 responses to “Are Women better Writers than Men? @Grammarly”

  1. mskind81 says:

    Interesting! It doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s a great story that I enjoy.

  2. helenjperry says:

    Very interesting. I think it might be possible to make a sweeping generalisation about women being better at certain things (maybe) but when it comes down to it we read books written by individuals so then it is about how good an individual writer is.
    Outside of erotica and romance, I have noticed I own and read a lot of books written by men – especially laugh out loud kids fiction such as by Rick Riordan and James Howe and many others, eg. T Pratchet, Douglas Adams, Roger Rankin. I’d love to find books written like that by women.
    Locked Out by J Myles in Brit Boys was LOL in that style and yet was also erotic so I have sought out other stories by her.

    • I love Pratchett, Adams and Riordan too :D My fantasy reading is mostly blokes, though I do love JV Jones work, she’s fab. I honestly think it’s a person’s style that resounds with me and that doesn’t generally depend on Sex. :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. If I want character development, I go for women. If I want the dirty depraved sex, I go for men. :)

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