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The Point – Vote for me please!

Hello all. Just letting you know that today you can find an interesting interview with yours truly at Deviant Divas!

You can also find a review of The Point, but I’m afraid that it wasn’t the reviewers cup of tea. Oh well, thanks for your time and review anyway M.N. Mori. I am glad to say that several other reviewers have loved The Point and if you look at the Total-E_Bound page you can read some of them. Lucy begs for more please, Delane from Coffe time romance thinks the love scenes are beyond hot and Book Wench BD Whitney loved the thread of humour through the whole book.

And finally you can vote for The Point to win the book cover of the month award. It is a gorgeous cover so please take a moment to vote for it. Thank you.


Vote Here Please during the month of September. Thank you.

2 responses to “The Point – Vote for me please!”

  1. Lucy Felthouse says:

    I voted for you! And don’t mind what that reviewer thinks – everybody’s opinion is different, it doesn’t mean they’re right! As you know, I thought it was fab! Can’t wait to read the next one… xx

  2. Victoria Blisse says:

    Well, we all have our own personal tastes in books and I can’t hold it against someone that my story didn’t float their particular boat! Remind me to send you a copy of Stopping Point to review when it comes out on the 18th October, I know you’re waiting for it! :)

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