31st Dec, 2014

2015 Here I Come.

I do love a good pun, even if it’s a bit corny and obvious. But 2015 is just around the corner and it’s time to reflect back on 2014.

                                                                                     The Brit Babes


2014 was the year of the Brit Babes, we released a FREE Anthology back in February 2014 and word on the grapevine is we’re releasing something new in Feb 2015…oh yeah.…

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24th Nov, 2014

First UK Street Store Helps Manchester’s Homeless!



Manchester, England will be the first location in the UK to run a one day ‘pop-up’ Street Store to provide clothing for the homeless. The store will be run by volunteers from a tiny social enterprise called Coffee4Craig.…

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23rd Oct, 2014

Innuendo and the Great British Bake off.

Or how I talked about Smut on BBC Tees at just after 10 in the morning.

I got an email yesterday from a lovely lady at the BBC looking for a pro-smut kinda person. She’d found ilovesmut.uk and tracked me down. I quite happily agreed to be called live on air to talk about Smut, innuendo and weirdly enough The Great British Bake Off.…

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3rd Feb, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour -Writing the Blisse Way!

My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Thanks to the ever lovely KD Grace for inviting me to join in with fun. Now on to the questions about my writing process. I might even learn something about it myself. ;)


1) What am I working on?

Good question.…

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29th Jan, 2014

Word Drain.

I’m suffering from it. I’ve sat here for the last ten minutes staring at the blank page trying to think of something vaguely interesting to write. I’m not the best of bloggers even under perfect conditions but right now it’s nigh on impossible.


I’ve written and edited a 72,629 since the 1st November.…

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