2nd May, 2016

You are Beautiful and Sexy #BOAW16

You are Beautiful. Yes, you, reading this. Don’t shake your head, I mean it. I don’t care what sex you are, what race, what size. You are Beautiful.

You are Sexy. Yes, you are. Don’t be ashamed of that or embarrassed by it.

Society knocks this belief out of us.…

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8th Feb, 2016

UV Body Paint Shoot with JW Creative Networker #creative #sexy


Photo by Dave Roberts Photography




Photos by Darren McGinn Photography

So how does an erotic romance author end up on a UV Body Paint shoot? Well the answer is Jay of course. Jay JW Creative Networker¬†¬†is very well known for taking me to places I’ve never been before like Club Lash and Twisted Sin and the ever awesome Dr Sketchy’s.…

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5th Jan, 2016

Kinky New Year Resolutions – A New Start for your Sex life in 2016 @KinkCraft


My Homemade Kink Craft Flogger

It’s only a few days into January and already I’ve done something new. I’ve written an advice article for the fantastic folks at Kink Craft!

New Year is time for resolutions but they tend to be about very practical, mundane things but how about making some kinky resolutions and giving your sex life a boost this year.…

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4th Jan, 2016

I Believe in Me – How do I find Self Confidence?



I believe in lots of things. I believe in God, I believe in the intrinsic goodness in all people. I believe in love and I believe in family and friends. But I don’t believe in me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in aspects of me.…

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31st Dec, 2015

Old Year Musings, New Year Wishes.


Some parts of 2015 were bloody awful, I’m not going to focus on those. Instead I’m goings to focus on the events, the people, the inspirations that got me through the bad times and made 2015 the year of Being Brave.

Smut is a huge part of my life.…

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