14th May, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Webway Musings



A question raised to me recently brought my attention to a rather valid point. How do you find people of a similar mind to yourself?

Of course in this modern age the answer is a simple one, the Internet. But go back nearly 15 years and the kind of alternative lifestyle I advocate and live would have come about decidedly differently.…

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30th Apr, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Question Time with a Dominant Man



Well I got a great response from my last piece, some great questions were asked. I’ll answer with as much of the knowledge I have at my disposal and my aptitude in the subject.

Firstly I’ll answer Victoria’s questions as it would be rude not to as she hosts my post.…

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16th Apr, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Life and Times of A Dominant Man

Well, I’m back after a break due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m here and have written some information in this blog post to answer a question I was asked recently.

Why aren’t your diary entries ordered chronologically?

To answer that you must first understand I am writing from my personal life or rather the history of my dominant side.

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19th Mar, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Everything Has It’s Place


genofvbruceIt’s that time again, folks. The gorgeous V Bruce is back with his diary and this week, well let’s just say the content might just surprise you a little!

Everything Has it’s Place.


Things change, a lifestyle shifts and opportunities arise. College was over and an interview for a good future had guaranteed me a job what more could a man ask for?…

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5th Mar, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Non-Disclosure



I’m sure you’re all as thrilled as me to know that V is Back, yay!  I think that’s all the introduction he needs, lets face it, none of you want to be reading my words right now. Okay V, it’s over to you:




All the below acts are completely consensual.…
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