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Friends Friday – Rebecca Bond!

Remaining facelessfaceless 

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Yo, Victoria! Nice pad you’ve got here – thanks for letting me crash it for a while :D

Right, I am here to throw some random chatter about the place. Today’s chatter is quite random, but also quite apt for a few of us ‘eroticists of late.

To go public or to remain faceless, that is the question.

So many people within the world of erotica face this question and it’s a question that I’ve been battling with myself over recent weeks. Do you tell The Mother (yes) and The Father (hell nooo!)? Do you tell The Neighbour or The Vicar? The Friends? The Family?

I’ve been blessed in this department. Some of you may have heard about my unintentional ‘outing’ to The Mother a few months ago (read it here if you missed it) and despite my initial panic, she has been absolutely fantastic when it comes to my writing. So much so, that she’s now outed me to her best buds, which makes visiting slightly awkward for me, but what the heck! My partner knows (obviously, as I stole his name for the job), my soon to be brother and sister-in law know, most of my friends now know too and every single one of them has been fantastic. Not a hint of negativity anywhere.

All this positivity could kill a girl, but I used it to take me to the next step – a photo shoot with a world renowned photographer (details to appear on my blog soon). I understand from initial chatterings with this cheery chappie that his project on British female writers of erotica may very well appear in national press at some stage so, after running it quickly past The Boy and The Mother to get their okay, I agreed to meet him for a bit of a public shoot in my local boozer. I know, I know, I am all class!

I’m now beyond caring too much about whether people know about my work within erotica, but I also don’t shout about it to random people in the street. I’m a professional who is trying to further my career, both in and out of writing and as such I do worry whether being publically recognised as Miss Rebecca Bond will jeopardise my mainstream career progression. I do also worry about The Future In-Laws, for they do not know about this ‘other’ life. But at least if they see my face and read all about it in the national press, then I won’t have to tell them, right?! It could however, make for one very awkward wedding!


For more information about Rebecca Bond and her latest publication – Seducing the Myth, ed. By Lucy Felthouse – check out her website.

Connect with her via Twitter @MissRebeccaBond and Facebook or Facebook Author Fanpage – www.facebook.com/MissRebeccaBond

10 responses to “Friends Friday – Rebecca Bond!”

  1. Victoria Blisse says:

    Hello Rebecca and thanks for such an awesome blog post!

    As you may know, I recently found out that my vicar and several church folk know about my erotic romance writing…oh boy, that was an interesting conversation but you know, it went quite positively, really.

    My family know I write, a lot of them comment on my books on facebook and my Mother In law has a signed copy of Curvaceous! I don’t think there is as much taboo around writing erotic content as we think there is, so far I’ve only had good reactions anyway.

    Same photographer blokie is coming to see me, too. I’m wondering what that’ll bring for me, too!

    • Rebecca Bond says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Absolute pleasure being here! And I must admit, it was your chatters with Vicar that sparked the idea for this post. I’m so pleased you’ve had such positive responses from those around you. I met The Mother yesterday and she was very excited when I told her about recent releases.Bless her! The positive reactions really do help with motivation and so on.

      As for the photographer, you will enjoy every moment of it – trust me ;)

      Happy Friday!

    • Victoria Blisse says:

      Ha, I’m glad the vicar convo sparked this idea, it’s a great blog! :)

  2. Casey Sheridan says:

    What a wonderful post, Rebecca. It’s nice to read that you have had such a positive response from your family and friends and have great support from your mom.


  3. Justine Elyot says:

    Still an absolute no-no for me, which means I miss out on a lot of the fun but heyho. Such is life.

  4. Kay jaybee says:

    Another fab posting Miss RB. I justlove that ‘are you serious or joking’ look people give you when you tell them thatyou write erotica! Kay JB xx

    • Rebecca Bond says:

      Thanks Kaybee! I love that look too – outed myself in a job interview last week, but I got the job so maybe it was that little bit of info that swung it for me! Huzzah!

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