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Friends Friday – Rachel Randalls Christmas present

Hallo, lovely readers of Victoria Blisse’s blog!

Thank you so much to for having me :)

There are only a few more days until the release of my latest story with Total E-Bound…and I can hardly wait for His Christmas Present to hit the virtual shelves on 20 December!

To relieve the excitement stoke the anticipation entertain myself you until then (any other authors notice that waiting for a release date is strangely similar to waiting for Santa to arrive?), I put together a music mix to go with the story.

Now, I love putting together music mixes, always have. Except, I don’t like to do it until after I’m done with a story. When I’m writing I tend to stick to mood music to create atmosphere, the more repetitive the better. I play the poor album I’ve chosen constantly, on repeat, for hours at a time. This tends to mean I associate certain phrases of music with certain lines in each story…and it also means that my partner gives me very long-suffering looks every time I turn up the volume.

But as soon as I’m finished, that’s when I start trawling around, looking for the songs I think represent the emotions and the action of the story to make my ultimate mix.

Making a Christmas mix for His Christmas Present was especially fun since I have my own favourite versions of the songs, but they didn’t necessarily match the tone of the story. Case in point was Little Drummer Boy. It was important to find the right cover (you’ll see why when you read the story), and I must have listened to twenty different Drummer Boys before I stumbled across that utterly perfect Joan Jett version. And then there’s the Wham! contribution. Confession: the catchy chintz of that song drives me mental. But my hero Tim drives a cab, and there’s nothing better to represent the typical Christmas music he’d hear on the radio all day long driving through London. Another hard part of making the mix? Finding the willpower not to include Christmas Time for my Penis by The Vandals no matter how tempting it was!

I hope you enjoy listening, and do let me know what your Christmas favourites are, whether they’re on the mix or on the soundtrack to your own holidays! Whatever your own celebrations this year, have a fabulous time with your friends and family.



Music Mix: His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall

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His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall

You are cordially commanded to attend my Christmas revel…

When London cabbie Tim drives the gorgeous Diana to a costume party, he eagerly accepts her invitation to stay. He soon learns that this is no ordinary holiday bash. It’s an exclusive sex party, where saucy secret Santa favours are exchanged and even the Christmas tree’s hung—with condoms.

Diana has chosen Tim as the perfect gift for their charismatic host, Max. But before Max gets to unwrap his Christmas present, the other guests want to play naughty and nice with his new boy-toy. Tim’s in for a very sexy Christmas Eve. Welcome to the party.

Available from Total E-Bound on 20th December!

11 responses to “Friends Friday – Rachel Randalls Christmas present”

  1. Debby says:

    Hi rachel, I have never read any of your books but this one, His Christmas Present sounds great. It is still Thursday here.

  2. Susan C. says:

    The book sounds great, it was already on my list from the Total E-Bound newsletter. Love the Joan Jett version, never heard that one before.

  3. Yadira A. says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Awesome music mix and I love the cover of your book. Early CONGRATS on it’s release!


  4. Rachel Randall says:

    Hi all, so glad you’re enjoying the mix and thanks for all your kind wishes for my release! :) There’s one for my other book, The Festival Spirit, on my website as well — though that one is more suited to a warm sunny day than this (brrr) winter weather….

  5. Justine Elyot says:

    I love the music mix you’ve done – I must learn how to do that. I always have a soundtrack for my stories too. Looking forward to your festive special on Monday :).

  6. Victoria Blisse says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for your post and your music! :)

  7. SarahM says:

    Wow! That’s quite the eclectic mix of Christmas music :-) I love Christmas music but my tastes are a bit more pedestrian – Anne Murray, Clay Aiken, and Amy Grant all top my list of faves.

  8. News | Rachel Randall says:

    […] FESTIVE MUSIC: I’m sharing my Christmas Music Mix for His Christmas Present over at Victoria Blisse’s blog. Come join us for some tunes! Read more. […]

  9. N Davis says:

    What a great mix! I know (and love) several of those (Dat you Santa Claus? being a favorite). I love Christmas music and try to get at least one new CD a year. I have everything from Nat King Cole to Kenny G to Holy Nativity Convent “In Bethlehem”. My grown kids still don’t get my fascination, but with a name like Noël I think I was destined to love Christmas music.
    Thank you for the ‘soundtrack’!
    Happy Christmas

  10. N Davis says:

    I’ll have to find the songs elsewhere, the link doesn’t work in my country – bleh!

  11. Rachel Randall says:

    Dear N, I’m sorry the link doesn’t work in your country! I’ve been so relieved that Spotify is finally available in the Netherlands, so I do sympathise…

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