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8th Feb, 2012

I’ve got you Under my Skin-Flash Fiction.


I love Wednesdays! Wanks and briefs, who wants more, really?

Today’s Wednesday Briefs erm, brief was to include “I’ve got you under my skin” in my story and the Wank directive was the world Echo. Now, I’m not sure what happened last week but apparently this week’s prompts took me in a very similar direction as my worlds last week. So apologies for another emotional roller coaster of a trip down memory lane! I promise to write something purely passionate next week! As English students at online universities know, sometimes prompts can take you in a different place than expected.

I’ve got you under my skin.

I’ve got you under my skin…

And as I hear that song the echoes of memories flood back once again. I try my hardest to keep them under control or they’d take me over and before you know it I’m the crazy old woman who talks to thin air and keeps a jar of ashes on my dining room table. Nope, I’m not going to be that person.

We met at a party, we danced to that song, the Frank Sinatra version when it was fresh and we were young, oh so young. I knew from the moment you put your arms around my waist that I loved you. It was like a bolt from heaven and when we kissed that just sealed the deal. Your lips were so gentle and so strong and I held onto your wide, masculine shoulders and let myself fall deeper in love with you.

We had our ups and downs of course, there was that Bitch Katie Summer who was desperate to get her claws in her. You were a good man with a suit and a good office clerks wage and she wanted out of the factory, she didn’t want you really, just wanted your status and your job. I don’t recall that day with much fondness though there was a certain satisfaction in the sting left in my palm once I cracked her round the face with it. She left you alone from that moment, scared that I’d curl up a fist the next time I heard her talking about you in such a vulgar way.

Only I was allowed to do that. I hear the reverberation of them on the night air, the whispered sweet nothings of the night we consummated our marriage to the raunchy and rude demands that came as we grew to know each other’s particulars. You were a dominant man and I needed that. You often took me to task, lay me over your knee and gave me a damn good spanking. Blimey, when I think back to the time I accidently broke that fruit bowl that your aunt gave us for a wedding present I swear my arse still aches from the imprint of your hand chastising me. And I know it’s base to say and I’d never mention it in public but the fucking you gave me then, banging into my hot buttocks was one of the rawest, most delicious sexual encounters of our days together.

I’m not thinking about the end, no, no. I did enough of that at the time. No, I remember you as when we met, vibrant and laughing and that night of our Ruby Wedding where we danced again to our song and made all our children feel queasy with our public affection and our grandchildren asked us whether we lived in black and white when we first got married, like the old TV programmes. Ah, those were the days, my love, those were the days that echo in my heart all day long.

I’ve got you deep in the heart of me, So deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me. I’ve got you under my skin.

Save a space for me in Heaven, my love, I’ll be there soon. I can’t wait, really. I’m too old now, my knees don’t work and my ears don’t hear and I feel lost and confused without you. I know you’re just in the other room waiting for me, I’ll be there soon, love, I’ll be there soon.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my bit of a flash and will enjoy the flashes of others today too. Ooo err!


  1. Thanks ladies!

    Funny thing this week is, Nephylim is that I’ve managed to use last week’s prompt for wank wednesday and there isn’t a new one for today! *LOL* No wonder it made me think of a similar story to last weeks!

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