26th Aug, 2010

Victoria Blisse: Sunny Summer Sex on Show

There is nothing like sharing the kitchen and its duties with another person, especially if that person is a hunky American with the tendency to pinch my bottom as he walks past.

“Right, I ’ve finished those sandwiches. ” He smiles, reaching out a hand and fondling my naked bottom under the edge of my long, white T-shirt.…

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7th Jun, 2010

To Comfort a Vampire

Featured in the June TEB Newsletter

I never even thought a world containing vampires was possible but somehow I ended up working at The Point which is the vamp bar down town. I never started a shift without taking precautions. I’d eat a meal full of garlic an hour before and would always have a crucifix on me.…

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1st Jun, 2010

Free Blisse Story!

dvbvdvHi all, a quick one today just to let you know that in the Latest Total-E-Bound Newsletter you will find a little short story by me! It’s called To Comfort a Vampire and is set in The Point, the club that has the same name as my very first Point Vamp book.…

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18th Mar, 2010

Free Spring Read.

It Can Be Done is a short story about a seemingly innocent walk in the woods that leads to some Hot, Outdoor, Spring fun and frolicks. Enjoy!

It Can Be Done by Victoria Blisse

“I had almost forgotten what the sun looked like. Thank goodness spring is here,” Debbie sighed.…
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14th Feb, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here’s a present for you, enjoy! A Free Valentine’s bit of Blisse!
Download Porn Interrupted by Victoria Blisse


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