17th Aug, 2011

The Colour of Night part 4.

Hello everyone! Today I am continuing my story of lust, love and a tall dark stranger. Today’s Wank Wednesday prompt is #bell and the Silver Flash prompt is “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


The Colour of Night -Journal entry 4.

Dear Journal,

It was like Big Ben went off in my head, bells and whistles and flashing lights were all blaring telling me to run away, to get out.…

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6th Jul, 2011

A Flash for International Kissing Day!

Talk about multi-tasking! It’s Wednesday and that means Flash fiction! Not only am I using the Silver Flash prompt ‘It’s always the quiet ones, y’know’ and the Wank Wednesday prompt ‘shine’ I add in a great big juicy snog to celebrate International Kissing Day…all in 1000 words too.…

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7th Sep, 2010

Free Read-I love being a naughty girl.

Hi all, so we are probably all in agreement that the best price for an item is definitely free. Well I have a treat for you today!


This very hot, very x-rated story is called I love being a Naughty Girl and you can find it over at a great new site called erotica for all

It’s the tale of a naughty little wife who gets thoroughly punished and thoroughly enjoys it too.…

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26th Aug, 2010

Victoria Blisse: Fucked To Hell, Then Heaven

The sound of the running water soothes my poor battered mind and soul, as slowly I remove the layers of dirtied and torn clothing that cover my body. The sweet, sharp relaxing scent of lavender hits my nostrils as I watch my husband pour in a large measure of my favourite bubble bath, swirling it into the water, making it foam profusely.…

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26th Aug, 2010

Victoria Blisse: Morning Glory

Some days I don ’t know who wakes up first, him or me, by him I mean Little Ted. Some mornings he lies in and I don ’t see sight nor sound of him till late on in the day, but some mornings I wake up and he ’s already bolt upright and ready and raring to go.…

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