26th Jan, 2016

Sexercise, Smut Nights and my Kinkier Muse #healthylifestyle #BDSM @KinkCraft


I’ve been busy writing recently and not just fiction. So today I’m telling you about two different articles I’ve got over at the Kink Craft blog for you to enjoy.

Are you getting the Sexercise You Need? I know it’s a personal question but it’s the focus of the first article I want to tell you about.…

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18th Jan, 2016

Monkeying about at Dr Sketchy’s #art #burlesque #Manchester



It’s ¬†not often you get to see a stripping monkey or a stripping poodle…but at the last Dr Sketchy’s I saw both. And three amusing apes dancing to Bad Touch. You get value for money at these things I can tell ya!

It was the first full length Sketchy at Chapter One Books.

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24th Nov, 2015

Scary, Scribbly thrills and chills at Dr Sketchy’s Halloween Spectacular.

Dr Sketchy’s at Mantra in Wellington Mill, Manchester is always fun. In October things got spooky. From the moment we arrived in fact, my daughter disappeared off for a bit and when she came back she was a zombie!



And The host with the most, the loveable rogue Jay also seemed to have been zombified.…

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27th Oct, 2015

Boobs, Butts and Books at Smut Manchester 2015 @talksmut



It really is difficult to work out where to start summing up all the amazing smuttiness that was Smut Manchester sponsored by Amazingo.co.uk 2015. ¬†unlike events I attend, Smut events are very much work for me. Enjoyable work, but work all the same. I walk around clutching my schedule like a comfort blanket whilst muttering about chairs or pens or something else I’m looking for and tend to automatically assume someone needs something other than just conversation when I’m stopped.…

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14th Oct, 2015

What Flavour is Art Jam? Dr Sketchy’s Special at Wellington Mill.



I was a bit clueless when it came to Art Jam. My favourite flavour is blackcurrant normally. However, I headed over to Mantra live at Wellington Mill to check it out, knowing that the awesome Dr Sketchy Manchester were going to be there. I was greeted with stalls, and artwork and the smell of spray paint.…

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