14th Apr, 2016

Promote your books to Thousands: Smut and Sexhibition advertising Options available now! @talksmut #erotica #romance

Smut UK have three big events coming up and we’ve got some amazing advertising opportunities for all you authors out there. Starting with an amazing 3 event roller banner Smutvert special!

“Smut Events” Special Smutvert™

Have you seen our Smutverts™? Smutty high-impact Roller Banners! These eye catching banners always attract lots of attention at our events and are a mix of Adverts & Book Covers, for our 2016 events we are going to have a special Recommended Reads Smutvert™ than will be book covers only and displayed at Smut by the Sea, Smut @ Sexhibition and Smut Manchester.…

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9th Mar, 2016

Valentine’s Ball at Club Lash with Angels and Demons! @ClubLash #BDSM



It has been AAAAAGGGGGGGGES since we attended Club Lash, not for lack of wanting to go but just because of life being so damn busy we’d just not managed to get there. Mr Blisse and I were determined to get back as from being complete virgins when we first went in February last year we’d started to feel like friends and regulars and we’d been missing the unique atmosphere of the night.…

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3rd Mar, 2016

Smut by the Sea Scarborough 2016 Workshops, Fantasy, Sci Fi and Bondage! #erotica #event @talksmut


This year is flying by isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re in March already! So it’s really not long until Smut will be invading Scarborough Library again for a day of fun smutty antics. I’m really proud to be able to announce this year’s exciting workshops…you’ll not want to miss them!…

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16th Feb, 2016

Smut Night 19th February, Readings, Performances and Fun! #erotica #eroticromance



Friday night is going to be a fun night, Smut.UK are having their first ever Smut Night! It’s been a rocky ride, with our original venue being double booked we thought we were going to have to cancel. But the Amazing Jay JW Creative Networker and Bea Noir came to our rescue and the show will go on at Airborne Studios in the centre of Manchester!…

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5th Feb, 2016

Smut up your 2016 Events for Erotica lovers! @SmutUK



We have so much good smut coming up including the first ever Smut Night on the 19th February – are you going to be there? With readings from Victoria Blisse (oooh, that’s me) Liv Honeywell and Scarlet Flame plus many more, an amazing raffle , arousing entertainment and the company of smutty friends, it’s going to be an amazing night.…

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