5th Oct, 2017

Leaves #Smutober


I decided to go with what might be considered the obvious for today’s prompt but you know, I love autumn leaves so I couldn’t help myself!


What could you do with today’s prompt? Enter now at Smutober or post on social media with the #smutober hashtag to join in.…

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4th Oct, 2017

Overcoming Fear at the Fair #Smutober


A little flash fiction today inspired by the Smutober prompt and my own fear of heights!


All the Fun of the Fair

I definitely acted without thinking. The opportunity of squishing up close to the guy I have a huge crush on just completely eclipsed the fact that I am shit scared of heights.…

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3rd Oct, 2017

Education and Plagiarism #Smutober

Smutober day 3 is an education and as much as I want to share freshly made stuff here this month, this prompt gives me the ideal opportunity to share a little story I wrote a while ago but has yet to see the light of day.…

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2nd Oct, 2017

Door #Smutober


Today’s Smutober prompt got me writing, enjoy the flash fiction!


I can’t take my eyes off it, looking for the slightest movement, heart thumping with tense anticipation.

Of course, Sir is the only person who’ll come through that door. He knows the room number, knows what he’s instructed.…

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30th Sep, 2017

Love and Fluids #Smutober #SinfulSunday

Now there’s a title and a half. :D It’s what comes from combining the Smutober prompt for today and the Sinful Sunday monthly prompt. The smutober prompt is love, and we’ll come to that later. Today’s Sinful Sunday is all about Fluids and also sponsored by Sheets of San Francisco so it seemed only right to include the Smut.UK lovely white sheet in the photo.…

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