7th Oct, 2017

My favourite BDSM Club #Smutober


Miss T’s is my kinky home from home, I feel most happy when I’m there and have so many memories made there that make me smile. So yep, you guessed it, you’re getting a mosaic of images taken at Miss T’s today.

Photo from Kay JayBee


In fact, today we’re at Miss T’s for my Birthday Bash – see some of you there?…
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6th Oct, 2017

Let me Take a Selfie #Smutober

My face is the selfie above but apparently that’s cheating. So I’ll pick a whole host of selfies that I love. They get a bit of flack, selfies. But I love them. They’re ways of capturing a moment and my favourite ones are those that feature other people so here’s a few of my best selfies with people I adore.…

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5th Oct, 2017

Leaves #Smutober


I decided to go with what might be considered the obvious for today’s prompt but you know, I love autumn leaves so I couldn’t help myself!


What could you do with today’s prompt? Enter now at Smutober or post on social media with the #smutober hashtag to join in.…

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4th Oct, 2017

Overcoming Fear at the Fair #Smutober


A little flash fiction today inspired by the Smutober prompt and my own fear of heights!


All the Fun of the Fair

I definitely acted without thinking. The opportunity of squishing up close to the guy I have a huge crush on just completely eclipsed the fact that I am shit scared of heights.…

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3rd Oct, 2017

Education and Plagiarism #Smutober

Smutober day 3 is an education and as much as I want to share freshly made stuff here this month, this prompt gives me the ideal opportunity to share a little story I wrote a while ago but has yet to see the light of day.…

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