24th Jan, 2012

Blisse Blokes – Joe from Rendezvous

blisseboysWelcome to another introduction to the blokes of Blisse. Today I’m imtroducing Joe from the Rendezvous trilogy. I love Joe and I know you will too. He’s American, has a wickedly delicious southern accent and he’s tall, dark and powerful. He’s got a workaholic streak that can be his downfall at times but he is as sexy a man as you’d ever like to imagine.…

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18th Jan, 2012

Victoria Blisse: The Train Announcement

© Victoria Blisse

“Sally Winterson to the office please, Sally Winterson to the office.”

Dave sat back in the office chair and smiled to himself. He had ten minutes before the next train was expected through the station and he planned to make every moment count.…

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14th Jan, 2012

Magnificent Breasts and Panties!

Now there’s a title for you! :) I checked out this page yesterday which shows me lots of interesting facts about the people visiting victoriablisse.co.uk in 2011.


It shows me that I managed quite well in my quest to post a blog a day as I got out 256 blog posts last year and that I get a good number of visitors to my little slice of cyberspace, I do hope you all feel very welcome!…

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9th Jan, 2012

The Big Blisse Kiss 2012!

I’m really pleased to reveal the next big thing from Ms Blisse, the Grande Madam of snogging! We’re talking about the biggest Sunday Snog EVER!

Its so big, it’s got it’s own website.



There will be kisses, lots of hot kisses but the difference is there will also be prizes!…

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2nd Jan, 2012

A bit of a Multiple this Monday!

Oh yeah, baby. Maria-Claire Payne is hosting a HUGE New Years party which doesn’t stretch on for mere hours, not even days but whole weeks! And Each comment you make on each blog puts you in with a chance to win $100 to spend on Total-E-Bound books.…

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