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Magnificent Breasts and Panties!

Now there’s a title for you! :) I checked out this page yesterday which shows me lots of interesting facts about the people visiting victoriablisse.co.uk in 2011.


It shows me that I managed quite well in my quest to post a blog a day as I got out 256 blog posts last year and that I get a good number of visitors to my little slice of cyberspace, I do hope you all feel very welcome!


Now to the title. It appears that the search term ‘Magnificent Breasts’ is the second most popular search term for people being directed to my site. I believe this may prove a little disappointing for them as it will lead them to the posts about Getting Physical being featured on the Vanessa Show back earlier in the year!


Also My short story He Wears Panties not Pants is one of the most viewed pages here, maybe I need to write more underwear themed stories!

So all these stats make me curious. What do you like about my website and what would you like to see changed? Is there anything you’d like added that I don’t have here already? I’d really love to know. Anyone who leaves a comment or emails me victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces) and answers the above question will be given a copy of Getting Physical or Naughty Rendezvous, please state your preference in your comment/email.

I look forward to getting your answers! I’ll keep this offer open for a week, so anyone replying before 10pm GMT 21st Jan will get their free Blisse book!

2 responses to “Magnificent Breasts and Panties!”

  1. Shar says:

    I don’t know that this will help you at all with search terms, but what I like most about your site is the cheerfulness. You always sound so positive and happy! I think so many people have a lot of angst around sex and love–not surprising, of course, the heart being what it is, but when I read erotica I like indulging in the joy and the passion and love. The, um, the “bliss.” ;) So I don’t care so much *what* you write about, it’s how you write about it. That you can stand up and say, Hey, I’m an ordinary person, leading a normal life, and I think sex is a wonderful, positive thing. I like that you’re enthusiastic about your own books, and how you support other writers as well.

  2. Victoria Blisse says:

    Aw, thanks Shar, that’s lovely. :) I’m glad that my enthusiasm does reach people through my written words. Which ebook would you like?

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