6th October 2017 - Bloghops - 5 Comments

Let me Take a Selfie #Smutober

My face is the selfie above but apparently that’s cheating. So I’ll pick a whole host of selfies that I love. They get a bit of flack, selfies. But I love them. They’re ways of capturing a moment and my favourite ones are those that feature other people so here’s a few of my best selfies with people I adore.



Wanna join in? Share a selfie on your blog and add it to the Smutober link list or share a selfie on social media with #smutober. We wanna see your smutty selfies!

5 responses to “Let me Take a Selfie #Smutober”

  1. Indigo Byrd says:

    Such lovely photos looks like lots of fun happy times!

  2. Indigo Byrd says:

    PS I do like the photo on the cover too!

  3. Wonderful looking collage :)

  4. Great photos, lots of joy and fun showing throughout… Good times!

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