2nd October 2017 - Bloghops - 6 Comments

Door #Smutober


Today’s Smutober prompt got me writing, enjoy the flash fiction!


I can’t take my eyes off it, looking for the slightest movement, heart thumping with tense anticipation.

Of course, Sir is the only person who’ll come through that door. He knows the room number, knows what he’s instructed. But what if someone gets mixed up and walks in my room by mistake? Or maybe one of the cleaners left a cloth in the bathroom and comes to find it? Yes, it’s unlikely but when you’re kneeling naked at the end of the bed with a crop clutched between your teeth it kinda makes you a little jumpy.

So between paralysing fear that some stranger will walk in and find me in this compromising position and the ache in my jaw from holding this crop tightly for the last—well it feels like forever but it might be just three or four minutes—there’s only a small part of my mind conscious of just how much I’m turned on.

As soon as he comes in though, then I’ll be able to think of nothing else.


6 responses to “Door #Smutober”

  1. Very hot! I’m trying to think if I’ve ever put someone in that position before, hoping that I’m the only one that can come thru that door…Yes, I have! :)

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    Leave us to our own imaginations, and we’ll mindfuck the hell out of ourselves. A Dom’s job is practically done for him. ;)

  3. An interesting look as to what is going through the mind on the other side of the door.

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