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Clawed #SinfulSunday


Pervertables are fun and I was just taking some photos of various ones we own because we’re doing a special erotic experience day at Miss T’s in Stockport next Saturday on just that subject. Tickets available online now for £5, if you’re interested.  And well as I got the lovely hurty things out my mind flitted to Sinful Sunday so I had a play around and this is the image that I decided on sharing today.



And yes, that is a pulled pork claw, a very sexy,spiky pervertable indeed. Check out other Sinful Sunday photos by clicking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

27 responses to “Clawed #SinfulSunday”

  1. silverdomuk says:

    Oooh! Nice.

    We have quite a collection of pervertables – love that word.

  2. Oh my . . . that’s a lovely looking comb !!!
    And so nice and strong looking !!!
    Xxx – K

  3. I do like that, may have to keep my eyes open for one when I’m out and about shopping.

    • Victoria Blisse says:

      They’re not expensive either, which is rather a bonus. I got mine as a kinky Christmas pressie :)

  4. Molly says:

    Michael LOVES pervertables and, surprise surprise he has a set of these claws too and has never used them for pulled pork!


  5. Pervertables are the only way to go for me! The Victorian-style carpet beater is a particular favourite :)

  6. Wow! I can’t even come close to them. My boob area is too sensitive. But yours are gorgeous!

  7. Bibulousone says:

    Ooh. I can almost feel that.

  8. I’ve never heard that term… pervertables. That one is heavy duty. I was just running my W Wheel around last night while a friend watched. Wish I could be at Miss T’s.

    • Victoria Blisse says:

      It’s only something I’ve learnt about in the last year or so. The fine people at Miss T’s introduced me to the word in fact. :)

  9. jerusalemmortimer says:

    Those are fine pervertables doing something even better than they’re made for.

    Love this pic!

    • Victoria Blisse says:

      Aw, thank you. I agree too and I’m rather fond of pulled pork…but cook it right and you just need forks to pull it apart. ;)

  10. Bee says:

    I do love bear claws, I’ve experienced them but don’t actually have any of our own.

    It always amazes me the difference in price between a well known online retailer and a kinky retailer, which saddens me because I know who I much prefer to support!

  11. Exposing40 says:

    Pervertables. Brilliant! And I never knew a pulled pork claw existed!!

  12. I love pervertables and the sexy images they make :)

    Rebel xox

  13. Violet says:

    Omg lovvvvvvvve this! It’s so sexy!

  14. victoriablisseuk says:

    Thank you :)

  15. Mariasibylla says:

    What a clever use for that tool! I’ll never think of pulled pork the same way again!

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