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Autism Awareness Blog Hop – Children And Joy.

Children with autism can find abstract concepts, like Father Christmas challenging (a stranger coming down your chimney)

I’m taking part in the April Autism Blog Hop so read on for your chance to win prizes!


When I’m not penning smut, I spend a lot of happy time at my local primary school working with the kids there. I do something called the Better Reading Project, where I do focused reading activities with a child for around 10 weeks to help them gain confidence and reading skills. It’s great fun and very rewarding. I learn wonderful things from these kids all the time.

One lad I worked with had only been learning English for a matter of months when I worked with him but his enthusiasm for reading, even though it was hard work, was inspiring. He’s in the last year of primary now and looking to get top levels in everything. His hard work is paying off.

I’ve been reading with a sweet little girl in year 2 recently and when I was praising her for the progress she’d made she shrugged and said. “Reading is easy anyway because it’s so fun.” Which made me smile.

There is something wonderful about taking time to look at life through the eyes of a child. As an adult I’m so often cynical and jaded, I miss the little joys in life because I’m ocusing too hard on the problems. Spending time with children and appreciating the world via their point of view really refreshes the soul.

As part of RJ Scott’s Autism Awareness hop I’m offering a prize for comments. So tell me a favourite childhood memory or something you’ve learned recently from a kid and I’ll put you in a draw to win copies of The Victoria Blisse Collection and Really Cooking! I’ll draw the winner on 7th April.


Today’s blog has been a bit different, not about my books and writing but more about life in general. If you like posts like this check out the My Weekly Walk section of my blog. Once a week I post a little about my spiritual life, with hardly any mention of my writing at all!

8 responses to “Autism Awareness Blog Hop – Children And Joy.”

  1. parisfanca says:

    one of my favorite childhood memories is telling a high school teacher to go stuff it when i was TOLD due to my learning disabilities that taking an advanced biology class would not be possible. I wanted to try it as a challenge and felt it should be up to ME to decided if it was worth taking or not. with the help of my parents i did get my way and took the biology class….and i surprised said teacher by earning a 60 % as my final grade in that class :)


  2. It’s really great that you participate in literacy program! Helping kids learn to read really goes a long way for fostering a lifelong love of learning. Thanks for participating in the austism blog hop.

  3. DebraG says:

    I remember using some home made item to watch a solar eclipse as a child.

  4. Oh man! DebraG just mad me think of the oatmeal canister camera and sunlamp hot dog cooker we made when I was in elementary!

  5. Trix says:

    I haven’t been around any little kids in a while, but I always find their honesty and unique look on life so refreshing!

  6. Favourite childhood memory – going to the cinema on a Saturday morning and being allowed a bag of sweets to share with my brother. Sweets were banned in our house!

  7. Dee Little says:

    Brilliant post.

    I’ve learned so much from my kids, mostly that they can infact do things themselves lol! I worry about their autism constantly, but sometimes they look at me as if to say ‘relax, I can do this alone’ :)

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