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What did you get?

Hello all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas or a pleasant weekend if you don’t celebrate. :) My Christmas was lovely and I got lots of lovely gifts with 2 running themes to them all. They were either owls or something to keep me warm, well, with a few exceptions. :)


Firstly, the owls. They came in all shapes and sizes including two lovely snuggly Owl Cushions and a hand made felt one with lovely bright feathers and a pocket on his chest for me to keep my important knick-knacks in. I got an owl cookie cutter and an owl necklace and some handmade salt dough owl ornaments too.

And yes, I do love owls! :)

The next theme covered warmth and ran from socks, thermal socks to blankets! Having no thyroid (it was removed a few years ago) I find it a challenge to stay warm in the winter so my lovely family have bought me lots of things to keep me warm, all of which are very appreciated!

Oh, and today I got a late Christmas present in the shape of a lovely Review for Uniform Behaviour from KD Grace and my smutty cleaning lady gets a mention, Woo!!

So what did you get? Leave me a comment and be sure to put your email address into the relevant box (not in the main body of the comment, I don’t want you getting spammed!) as I will send YOU a gift. Oh yes, every person who comments will get a copy of my short story Christmas Cake so you can eek out the festive spirit!

14 responses to “What did you get?”

  1. Julie Hayes says:

    For Christmas, I had the pleasure of two of my children’s company – and cooking for them.

    That was more than enough for me!

  2. Ashlynn Monroe says:

    My hubby gave me a scanner so I can upload all my before-everything-went-digital memories. I ended up with all the pictures of my sister and I growing up and all the very old black and white ancestoral pics too so I’ve been worried about fire ect. Now I don’t have to worry I just have to find time to scan thousands of photos. ROFL!

  3. Sarah Ballew says:

    My hubby /santa gave me a Amazon Kindle 3G ereader with wi fi and a cover with built in nite lite. So Pumped. Ive been trying to organize and convert my books for two days. Found out I have 288 books. :)

    AND LOTS of Chocolate!!!

  4. Gabrielle says:

    I got a nice set of earrings with a bracelet to match with a pretty celtic design on them.

  5. Yadira A. says:

    I got some really nice jewelery! My brother bought me a really cool spider necklace (it was done somewhat as a gag since he knows I’m an arachnophobe:) and my mom bought me an awesome ring:)

  6. Candy Stone says:

    I received the best news two days before Christmas and it was the best gift I could receive. My mom had to go to the hospital for more tests after her mammogram. The hospital sent us a letter saying her tests were clean and she was all right.
    The DVD’s of Eclipse and Jim Carrey’s Christmas Carol were just icing on the cake. :-)

  7. Jay says:

    My hubby gave me a Blackberry which was a real surprise. I’m used to just using my phone for making calls and taking the odd photo but this thing is something else! I’m having fun learning how to use it. Maybe next Christmas I’ll get a Kindle.

  8. Sandie says:

    My kids and grand kids came over. AND I got a KINDLE!!!

    It was a great Christmas.


  9. Gayle O says:

    My husband bought me a small point and shoot camera. I have a new grandson and love to take pictures of him. Everyone tells my my phone is not a camera but I use it all the time to take pictures. My husband bought a small camera so I can keep it in my purse next to my phone and take better pictures. It was very sweet of him and I love it.

  10. SarahM says:

    I got an e-reader for Christmas and I’m so excited because now I can read all the wonderful books I’ve won/bought for the last few months :-)

  11. Pender Mackie says:

    I ordered myself some nice books and then gave them to my husband to give me. LOL
    He surprised me though by giving me a high-end pair of headphones for my ipod. The music sounds so much better!

    Happy Holidays.

  12. Victoria Blisse says:

    You’ve all gotten such lovely presents, Father Christmas was good to all of us this year! :)

  13. Brian says:

    I got a Kindle (thanks Mom!), still figuring out how to get books on it other from Amazon, but a Kindle-ready ebook will be most welcome!

  14. Sweetpea says:

    I received white gold hoop earrings, and the DVD collection of the Dean Martin Roasts (my all time fav).
    Santa also threw in a gift card for me to purchase
    ebooks for my Sony Reader. Santa rocks!!

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