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The 13th day of Blissemas with Lucy Felthouse!

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It’s Blissemas! Can you believe we’re over half way through the Blissemas season now? It’s going by so quickly! Keep reading, keep commenting and remember you could win the lovely Blissemas kindle!


Today’s Blissemas elf is the very sweet and the very Northern Lucy Felthouse! And in true Northern style she’s talking about cold weather. We get alot of that up ‘ere in them there ‘ills I can tell you!

So pop over to her blog and read all about her winter wonderland then be sure to comment because not only is the kindle up for grabs the lovely Lucy is giving away a copy of Immoral Views too!

And don’t forget to check out blissemas.co.uk for yet another prize! Oh, we’re good too you! Check out what Mr Blissemas (If I’m Santa Blissemas does that make my husband Mother Blissemas?) has fished out of the sack of goodies for you today!

2 responses to “The 13th day of Blissemas with Lucy Felthouse!”

  1. Stacey Siferd says:

    Awesome Giveaway—Merry Christmas!!!!

    • Victoria Blisse says:

      Merry Christmas! Make sure you comment at Lucy’s site to be in on the giveaway and check out http:/blissemas.co.uk for terms and condition and another awesome giveaway today!

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