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The 10th Day of Blissemas with Maria-Claire Payne!

On the 10th day of Blissemas Maria-Claire Payne gave to me a Sherman tank in a Christmas tree!

You’re going to be completely smitten with the story about Maria-Claire Payne’s Christmas tree and the tank sitting in it.

I know it sounds bizarre but you will be going ‘aw’ by the end of it I promise. So on this 10th Day of Blissemas (time flies!) go over to Maria Claire’s blog, read and then be sure to comment for your chance to win a kindle!

Also today we have a seriously sexy spot prize for you over at blissemas.co.uk so you need to head over there to get your hands on a steamy, sensual eBook this Blissemas!

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  1. Emily says:

    Sounds like a fun read.

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