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Blissemas Day 5 Christmas Past @Talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo


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I’m starting to get properly festive now, I’ve cooked my Christmas cake and my pudding, the Decorations are going up and as always happens at this time of year my mind turns to Christmases past.  I love the traditions and doing the things we’ve always done at this time of year.  Not that we don’t do new things but you know, there is a comfort in doing things that I did as a child.

Basically, this is a little bit of an excuse to share some photos with you from Christmas times past.

I love that I get to spend time with family and friends having a laugh, reminiscing and enjoying the season. The oldest photo here is of me (n Blue velvet) and my sister opening presents at my Nanna’s when we were both tiny. I have such wonderful memories of Christmas at Nanna’s. So much food you wouldn’t believe it, the pretty tree Nanna would let us help decorate, the crackers and party hats and the way grandad would sit in the back room watching bond whilst everyone else was in the front room with the roaring log fire watching the family film offering.

I remember stirring the Christmas puddings, rushing downstairs every morning to open my advent calendar to see what the picture would be (no chocolates, just pictures!) getting new pajamas Christmas Eve, putting out a mince pie for Santa and a Carrot for Rudolf and trying to keep my little sister occupied until we were allowed to wake up mum and Dad.

One Christmas Eve, goodness knows what time it was, my sister and I (I think I was maybe 7/8 so she was 3/4) ran into Mum & Dad’s room ready to go open presents. It wasn’t morning however and we were told to go back to bed. As we were about to my Dad said.
“Shhhhhhhhhh!” and cocked his head to the side. Me and my sis stopped and did the same.

“Can you hear that?” He asked?

Me and Sarah shook our heads.

“I can here bells, it must be Father Christmas’s Sleigh! Quick, get to bed and get to sleep!”

And you know what, I swear blind I heard bells as we rushed out of their room and back into our beds. And  lo and behold we had presents from Santa in the morning.

Christmas memories make me smile. What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

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  1. Phaedra says:

    Great blog, shared.

  2. Ali Greig says:

    About 1981ish, My family lived in Gibraltar. I was 10 so my wee bro was 5 and annoying. Wouldn’t go to bed in Christmas Eve. We overlooked what was the harbour and across the way was Spain and to the far left was Africa. Anyway we spotted a line light over in the Spanish hills and told.me brother it was Santa, he shot off to his bedroom and was soundo within minutes. Thanks to that motorbike in the hills we got peace for a while!

  3. bn100 says:

    decorating with family

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