29th Mar, 2015

Sunday Snog – Rendezvous Box Set #BDSM @XciteBooks

It’s Sunday and it’s time for a snog, whoop! Today we’re getting Naughty with a tasty kiss from Naughty Rendezvous that is available  now as part of  the Rendezvous Bookset for just £1.99 at Amazon.co.uk and $2.99 at Amazon.com  .

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26th Mar, 2015

Art & Entertainment: Monkeying around at Dr Sketchys!

Last Thursday the family Blisse headed to Bangkok Bar in Manchester for Dr Sketchys Manchester. We were late (My fault!) So came in after the first performance form Velma Von Bon Bon but be assured it was brilliant. We came in just in time to sketch the lovely lady ...

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25th Mar, 2015

Erotic Tombola Partner: Forbidden Obsession @ForbiddenOToys



Those of you lucky enough to have been at Smut Luton will have seen the amazing raffle prizes we got from the wonderful people at Forbidden Obsession each coming with it’s own little opulent velvet pouch to keep it in. And no, that isn’t a euphemism for a woman’s ...

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22nd Mar, 2015

Sunday Snog – Really Cooking Just Desserts.

ssI mentioned Really Cooking in yesterday’s blog about Cara Sutra‘s Consensual Slut Project so I thought I’d revisit it for a snog today. With so many hot guys there are lots of lovely kisses to choose from!

Three hot men and one curvy woman, now we’re really cooking.

After ...

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21st Mar, 2015

The Consensual Slut Project @TheCaraSutra

consensual slutsml

I joined in with a conversation on facebook awhile ago with the lovely Cara Sutra on the use of the word slut. It’s one of those touchy words that people use as an insult and so get’s painted with a negative connotation. And I would  never, ever, ever use this ...

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