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Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Reverend, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Authoress and all round Cheeky Wench.

She is the mistress of Smut.UK taking her World Famous Erotic Tombola & Nedd Ball's Mucky Dip to various events or putting on her own Smut Events, Days & Evenings dedicated to erotica, socializing, fun and prizes. Check out for more info.

Born near Manchester, England, her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories along with her own particular brand of humour and romance that bring laughs and warm fuzzies in equal measure.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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The joys of a Sundress #SinfulSunday

  I love my sun dresses. I have 2 like I’m wearing in the above photo. They’re huge and only cost me 99p each around 8 years ago. They’re full of holes but oh, they’re the most comfortable things to wear on a hot day.  And of course, as any viewer of How I met Your Mother Knows, they’re the hottest item of clothing a woman can wear:   […]

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The Spanking Bench and Me @fetishdotcom #smutsunday #BDSM

It’s strange where life takes you. Around 14 months ago I’d never seen a spanking bench but now, I spend a good deal of time hanging out on one or another. My favourite one is at Miss T’s in Stockport, it’s a good height, it’s soft and there’s a mirror propped right in front of it so I can watch what’s going on behind me…mind you, sometimes I choose […]

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Princess of Power! #SinfulSunday

  When I was a kid, I loved She-Ra , I played her in the playground, I had a She-Ra Figure and I loved the programme. So when I was thinking of what to be for the Club Lash Kinky Cosplay Party the hero of my childhood sprung to mind. But of course, it’s Kinky  so I had to do something a lil’ different with my costume to make […]

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The Face in the Mirror #WickedWednesday

  It’s the same as always, beauty spot by my lip, arching eyebrows, fine lines from laughter and frowns. Hair pulled up lazily in a clip, curls tumbling, parting zig-zagging, fuzzed and fluffed and messy.  My eyes peep under drooping lids, sleep in the corner as I travel from the dream world to reality. But today there’s something different. Pink cheeks, natural blush lining the cheekbones and highlighting the […]

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Painful Desire #MasturbationMonday

Painful Desire. I have a craving, a desire deep and hard in the centre of my liquid soul. A want, a need, a craving. It curls and coils, grows and stretches, winds and pulls and leaves me breathless with want. Consuming my mind with imaginings mixed with memories. Noises, mine and his, Words whispered, yelled and moaned. Blossoming ecstasy over and over again. Riding the dragon of pleasure pain, […]

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Shadows and Strokes #SinfulSunday

  It’s just a selfie, right? Can you see that soft, languorous contentment in my eyes? That’s the look of a satisfied masochist. It’s not my Sinful Sunday offering,that is below and shows  of, at least in part, why I’m smirking.  A visit to Miss T’s yesterday was the perfect grown up date, with a good meal, socialising with friends AND a damn good beating.   For more Sinful […]

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